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Stakeholders include Enrollees, Ondo State Contributory Health Commission, HealthCare Providers, Health Maintenance Organizations, Mutual Health Association.

  1. Primary HealthCare Providers and they include primary healthcare centres, Non-specialist private & public clinics/hospitals, comprehensive health centres, nursing/maternity homes with proof of access to a medical doctor, outpatient department of general hospitals, federal medical centres in specialist & teaching hospitals, university health centres & federal staff clinics/hospitals.
  2. Secondary HealthCare Provider and they include specialist/specially hospitals, federal hospitals, general hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, dental clinics, radiography centres.
  3. Tertiary HealthCare Provider and they include teaching hospitals, specialty/specialized hospitals, federal medical centres, military reference hospitals
  1. Formal Sector Program
  2. Public Sector (State Civil Service) Program
  3. Organized Private Sector Program
  4. Tertiary Institutions
  5. Voluntary Participants
  6. Informal Sector and they include rural communities, urban self-employed, vulnerable groups, voluntary contributors’ participants, physical permanently challenged persons, children under five and pregnant women.

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