What it Entails.

Orange Health Insurance Scheme otherwise known as ORANGHIS is a health insurance product that targets less than 5% of the residents’ population, being persons within the public formal sector who have monthly earnings either as;

  • civil servants or
  • political office holders

Similarly, ORANGHIS covers Medical, Surgical, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dental, Eye and some rehabilitative services at primary and referral levels of care.

Enrollees have an opportunity to “choose” their healthcare providers among a set of accredited ones (public & private) in any locality within the state.

ORANGHIS has an automatic family plan only (1 principal enrollee, 1 spouse, 4 children below 21 years) for its enrollees, making it easy for an unmarried beneficiary to seamlessly add his/her statutory dependents whenever he/she gets married

Premium contribution under ORANGHIS is a progressive contribution (the percentage ensures that those who earn higher pay more and vice versa) and it covers the civil servant till he/she retires and the political office holder till he/she exits the office.

Extra dependents can be added after paying a top-up premium equivalent to the rate charged for SUNSHIS.

Property of Ondo State Contributory Health Commission